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Supply chain leadership that positively impacts the values of the business through cost containment, top line revenue growth, customer service and cash flow using both strategic and tactical enhancements. We are experienced in trucking; domestic and global transportation; distribution; and warehousing. We are also adept at helping organizations determine appropriate ERP, WMS and TMS systems.

High ROI


ü Implemented a new Transportation Management System

ü Evaluated and implemented warehouse services and cost structure changes

ü Created new brokerage division that increased overall revenue in excess of 20%

ü Established new carrier relationships to reduce expense and corporate liability

ü Assessed, Negotiated and Implemented an LTL solution to save over 35% of LTL cost

ü Negotiated and implemented a new parcel solution



With over 30 years experience in the industry we can make transportation a competitive advantage that will grow top line revenue. 

We have helped companies solve issues such as  pick up, delivery, and carrier negotiation.

We will help you establish key performance indicators to help mange your business.

Warehousing Strategy

Is your facility in the correct location and is it the correct size? What options do you have? We will walk you through the process of answering these questions.

Organization/ Process Improvement

We will work with you to establish the appropriate organizational structure.

Process improvement is usually one the most cost effective options for your company.


William Driscoll


Bill Driscoll founded DLW Solutions in 2000 and is engaged as a Supply Chain consultant helping manufacturers improve their supply chain. He has recently served as Vice President of Logistics and Intermodal at an organization that provides logistics services, intermodal and brokerage services; and asset based national trucking. He is transportation professional with over 25 years of Senior Management experience. Bill has experience within all surface transportation modes (rail, highway and ocean) and both LTL and TL segments. Prior positions include Senior Management of asset-based truckload and national multi-facility LTL organizations, as well as national multi-facility non-asset based LTL distribution networks, domestic NVOCC operations and non-asset transportation and logistics. Bill was a key leader within Sears Logistics in determining the impact of distribution center consolidation on transportation cost in $2 Billion logistics pipeline.

Throughout Mr. Driscoll’s career he has championed efforts to improve profit through balanced improvement in top line revenue and operating expense. He has helped organizations stress the importance of a balanced metrics scorecard to create corporate-wide commitment to a consistent direction and continuous improvement.

Mr. Driscoll spent his early career at Sears Logistics Services, formerly known as Terminal Freight Handling Co. While with Sears he started two new departments related to proper utilization of Information Technology systems. He gained experience managing large fleets of over 3000 drivers (company and dedicated) in an organization designed to service each Sears selling unit (almost 3000) on a daily basis. He also managed an LTL network that handled over two billion pounds of freight annually.

Mr. Driscoll has managed trucking organizations that include unionized LTL, sleeper team long haul trucking, regional trucking and Intermodal trucking. He has continuously achieved a high level of accomplishments through senior leadership of not only carriers, but a non-asset based logistics company, a 3PL and a specialized carrier solutions group in addition to transportation consultation.

He believes in a simplified common sense approach to business and an alignment of all functional constituencies within a company to create value. He believes strongly that defined and well explained processes coupled with good communication in order to gain complete understanding of key objectives will generate the long-term results required in today’s competitive environment.

Mr. Driscoll has been consistently successful at finding methods to reduce cost and improve revenue.

“The key to improved cost performance is a disciplined, collaborative approach. “

Dan Feder


With nearly two decades of management experience, Dan's high-energy executive possesses a broad-based background, including 15 years with prominent high-volume, multi-location organizations. The customer-oriented purchasing programs created are not only highly effective, but have been recognized as innovative in the industry. His tested team leadership skills, advanced formal education, and a knack for seeing the big picture combine to create a track record of consistent outstanding performance.

Dan transitioned his career from a corporate buyer in retail into corporate purchasing management (strategic sourcing), a move that he has described as "the best career decision he ever made". Dan has intimate knowledge of a vast array of commodity areas. Everything from Soup to Lug Nuts (Food to Fleet). He has experience creating solutions to improve: multi-campus Higher Education, Theme Park/Hospitality (he was part of the grand opening management team of Knott's Camp Snoopy and the Mall of America) and spent several years as Chief Procurement officer of a fortune 500 corporation. He led the strategic sourcing initiatives to support National Car Rental Systems, Inc., Alamo Rent-A-Car, and CarTemps USA car rental. Dan and his team were responsible for close to a billion dollars in total indirect spend in almost every category to support these global operations.

Dan has successfully worked, in a consultative role, to help organizations both large and small to improve their overall strategic sourcing initiatives. He is very creative and, most importantly, works in collaboration with the customer to develop programs that have been industry benchmarked.

Dan has his C.P.M. certification. Dan also serves on the Board of Directors for the Minneapols / St. Paul affiliates for the Institute of Supply Management (NAPM-TC), the Supply Chain Professionals Network of Minneapolis / St. Paul, and Scholarship America (St. Louis Park. MN Dollars For Scholars).

Dan received his BSBA (with dual majors in Finance and Technology Implementation) in Boston at Babson College and his MBA (with a major in Marketing) at the Franklin W. Olin School of Management at Babson College

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